Eneltec is Israel’s industry leader in its field, providing comprehensive lighting solutions for the technical, professional and commercial market.

We specialize in the development, production and marketing of advanced lighting technologies with a variety of solutions for emergency lighting, emergency lighting control systems, command and control systems for road lighting, tunnels, interior lighting, sports facilities and chargeable electric vehicles with a dedicated control system for energy monitoring.

Research and development

Our R&D department, consisting of electrical and software engineers’ team, has gained extensive experience over many years of experience in the energy efficiency field implemented with advanced control systems implementing unique technologies.

Our team has gained extensive experience over the years and is applying this knowledge in our control systems, consisting a range of communication technologies, interfaces, DALI technology, lighting fixtures protection components and more.

Our developments

The company’s products are improving Israel’s lighting devices across its many cities, roads and providing new solutions for leading projects with spearheading solutions and technological innovation while ensuring compliance with the requirements of the most strict standards and with public safety always in mind.

Since its establishment, Eneltec has developed advanced control and monitoring systems for road lighting, and high pressure and metal-halide light bulbs, and has adapted its control systems over the years while implementing LED lighting on various roads in the country. In addition, it also developed additional control and monitoring systems for a variety of needs.

We at Eneltec consider excellence a top value. Powered by our company’s research and development system, we have set ourselves the goal not only to keep pace with the rapid development of the smart city project – but to lead it.

Advanced lighting solutions

Our various solutions are designed for a variety of commercial, public and institutional projects, such as offices and workspaces, hospitals, shopping malls, parking lots, warehouses, factories, urban and interurban roads, sports fields, tunnels and more.

In addition to the product line provided and developed by our company, we conduct seminars and conferences in the field of technological innovation in the lighting field, providing professional consulting in the field of energy efficiency and offer solutions to project planning stages – lighting control planning and implementation, software training for project supervisors, preventive maintenance instruction and extended warranty for products.

Eneltec’s management considers quality a strategic tool of great importance on the way to fulfilling its customer’s goals and needs. In order to achieve it, Eneltec nurtures the quality, knowledge, research and professional skills of the company and all its employees, in order to maintain a high technological level and the company’s products and services continuous improvement.

The company’s quality system is ISO-9001: 2015 approved.

Eneltec’s management has committed itself to serve as an example for quality culture that shall affect the society and environment in which it operates, as well as on its employees, suppliers and its customers, in order to meet the world’s advanced quality requirements.