Due to the ever-growing need to improve the level of service, maintenance as well as energy saving and control, our control and monitoring system at Eneltec enables control of every lighting switchboard and every flashlight throughout the city, including accurate on and off times, measurement and energy consumption, fault indication, and required dimming reports at the single flashlight level.

Integrating smart lighting in the smart city project will allow control and monitoring of the lighting fixtures individually while receiving real-time feedback.

Thanks to our communication and development system, it is possible to control any lighting fixture throughout the city and perform a variety of actions for the purposes of energy efficiency, maintenance, energy share and more.

The smart lighting system can be installed and applied in the existing lighting system with high pressure / metal-halide bulbs and also in a lighting system based on LED technology.

Thanks to our dedicated management software, the smart lighting system can be operated from a dedicated control center and from any computer or smartphone connected to the Internet, provided that the applicant has a license and password in accordance with the system’s encryption code.

A smart lighting system requires to install a dedicated lighting controller, in each lighting switchboard, which enables bilateral communication between the switchboard and the Internet via a cellular modem or via fiber optics or a direct wired connection to the Internet.

In addition, the lighting controller allows bilateral communication between the switchboard and the lighting fixtures, we offer this communication in three ways:

Through wired DALI communication – between the switchboard and the lighting fixtures – up to 255 DALI addresses.

Via PLC / DALI communication on the power supply lines – between the switchboard and the end units – up to 255 end units for the phase and up to 765 units for the switchboard (expandable up to 2,200 lighting fixtures for the switchboard).

Using RF / DALI communication adapters – installed on the light fixture or on the lighting poles, each communication adapter allows control of up to 8 lighting fixtures installed in adjacent lighting poles, in wired DALI communication.


  • Remote switching on and off.
  • Dividing lighting centers and flashlights into work groups.
  • Determining work plans by groups.
  • Update system status every hour at least.
  • View key data: such as, digital address, location, GPS location, status, SIM number, etc.
  • Displaying the poles/flashlights’ data, such as: digital address, location, GPS location, status, flashlight/bulb type, operating equipment, etc.
  • Display real-time consumption data and lighting switchboard history: energy consumption, voltages, currents, power factor, power supplies, temperature, etc.
  • Displaying real-time lighting fixture statuses and history: light bulb integrity, driver integrity, output power level (in%), communication integrity, etc.
  • Energy reports production, from the data obtained from the external surveyor unit (SATEC / ELNET), to all exchanges, including cumulative power, working hours, power coefficient, etc.
  • Reported switchboard faults, energy consumption exceeding the planned time, lighting does not work within the planned time, fault in the voltage supply, etc., based on data obtained from the external surveyor unit (SATEC / ELNET).
  • Central reports: energy consumption, faults, etc., including the possibility of exporting to EXCEL software for generating graphs and tracking reports.
  • Production of real-time and fault history reports.

Road lighting control software

The management software allows local access from computers installed on the Internet.

Access to the management software is accessible only for authorized users with different passwords depending on the allowed levels of exposure to the content.

The management software displays the lighting fixtures and switchboards on an interactive map.

The management software allows to manage the lighting system in an urban layout that includes up to 80,000 fixtures and about 900 lighting centers (may be expanded to very large facilities).

The lighting is turned on in an astronomical clock regime.

The management software enables preliminary planning and data transfer to fixtures groups and/or lighting switchboard and/or at the single flashlight level.

The software allows to determine fixtures groups in its centers. Each group can set up to 8 different dimming level scenarios per night.

The software displays the switchboard’s working status: disconnected, manual, local, remote controlled.


The software enables the following functions:

Manual operation:

Manually control the lighting modes, such as – on and off, dimming settings, etc.


Auto operation:

The control center manages the operation using programs configured by the operator in advance, and entered to the lighting controllers on site, accordingly.

In the event of a communication failure with the switchboard, automatic operation, dimming and shut-off is possible in accordance with the plans sent to the lighting controller, from the switchboard (work plans predetermined by the operator and entered to the lighting controller).


The control center’s interface allows:

  • Login via the Internet (via password and protection).
  • Routine monitoring and control of the lighting system even when there are no connected users.
  • Control from the Internet using any computer, smartphone, etc.
  • Lighting system's display, for each flashlight and all its switchboards.
  • Data display on the road / city map (Google maps).
  • Adding components to the system such as, lighting switchboards, lighting controllers and flashlights.
  • Displaying energy consumption data from the SATEC / ELNET unit.

For a control and monitoring system consulting/planning for for road lighting, please leave details and our representative will get back to you soon.

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