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Over Voltage Protection for LED Luminaries

Model: EN-OVP-440

Continuous over voltage protection:

This device allow to operate the LED luminaire in the nominal voltage range only. In case of over voltage the device will disconnect the luminaire from the mains.

The over voltage phenomenon often occurs in case of “Neutral line disconnection” or in case of wrong line connection in the three phase circuit.

These problems are common in street light installations and cause total failure of the LED luminaires on the line with the problem. Installing this device will ensure maximum prevention and protection of each LED luminaire and thus save a lot of money on repair and replacement of luminaires.

Technical data:

  • Input voltage: 190-440VA 50Hz.
  • Output voltage: 300VAC Max.
  • OVP respond time < 15ms.
  • Load: 1,000W Max.
  • Protection class: II.
  • Potting with resin UL-94 V2.
  • Ta: (-20°C) – (+75°C.
  • Terminal block for wires 0.5-2.5 mm2.
  • Dimensions (mm): L=73 x H=36 x W=49 (M8 screw(.
  • Installation inside the luminaire or in the base of the pole.

Note: Can be supplied with wires instead of an electrical connector.