Lighting control for interior lighting in DALI lines for LED lighting

Model: EN-CDC-General SA

The lighting controller is designed to control LED flashlights and requires installation in the lighting control panel/switchboard.

The controller is modular and includes 4 DALI communication channels operating up to 256 end units (lighting fixtures’ DALI addresses), to increase the amount of digital addresses additional controllers can be added according to the design requirements and without restriction.

The controller is used for bilateral data transmission, and to control the lighting fixtures’ operating systems. The data are transmitted by wired communication and enable, execution: On, off, dimming and indication of a “bulb fault” from the lighting fixtures. The communication in this method is carried out between the controller and the lighting fixtures directly.

The controller allows proper communication with the flashlights to a line length of up to 300 meters between the switchboard and the farthest flashlight. For longer distances, a communication amplifier must be installed on the lighting pole.

The controller also allows connection to a structure control system (optional).


The controller is suitable for controlling road lighting, parking lots, sports fields, parking lots, offices, production halls, warehouses, etc.

Fault protection:

An active protection against fault voltage is installed on the DALI communication channel outputs. When connecting a mains voltage to the communication line, the active protection will block the high voltage and will not damage the system components. When the fault voltage is removed, the communication adapter will return to function without the need to replace it.

Technical data:

  • Feed: 24VDC.
  • Ambient temperature: (-30 ° C) – 75 ° C
  • RS232 communication interface
  • Digital inputs: 24V 5* I/O
  • NO outputs (dry contact): 3, contact current – 250VAC 3A
  • CO outputs (dry contact): 1, contact current – 250VAC 3A
  • Mechanical measurements (mm): L=160 x H=59 x W=91
  • Installation: On 9M DIN rails.

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