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Double protection unit for LED luminaires

Model: EN-MES-440

This unit provides dual protection for LED lighting fixtures, which includes current limiting and protection against continuous voltage rises.

Inrush current limiter:

The device will allow reliable activation of the LED luminaire with its internal capacitors that cause the inrush current on activation. This applies to LED drivers with or without DALI interface.

Every LED driver contains bulk capacitor that causes inrush current on activation (cold start).

The inrush current is exceptionally high, at about 100A per luminaire for about 200 micro seconds.

This inrush current is a result of non-synchronized activation with the zero crossing of the mains supply.

The result of the high inrush current on activation causes non-reliable operation of the electrical circuit such as the circuit breakers disconnection and prevent activation powered by a generator or a UPS.

Installing the inrush current limiter will limit the inrush current to about 15A and so allow reliable operation of circuit breakers and activation powered by a generator or UPS.

Continuous over voltage protection:

This device allow to operate the LED luminaire in the nominal voltage range only. In case of over voltage the device will disconnect the luminaire from the mains.

The over voltage phenomenon often occurs in case of “Neutral line disconnection” or in case of wrong line connection in the three phase circuit.

These problems are common in street light installations and cause total failure of the LED luminaires on the line with the problem. Installing this device will ensure maximum prevention and protection of each LED luminaire and thus save a lot of money on repair and replacement of luminaires.

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    Technical data

    Double protection unit for LED luminaires

    Model: EN-MES-440

    • Voltage: 190 – 440VAC 50Hz.
    • Maximum output voltage: 300VAC.
    • Overvoltage response speed: 15ms>
    • Maximum load: up to 1,000W.
    • Motion current limitation: 15A.
    • Starting time limit: LT <300ms.
    • Reactivation response speed: RT <100ms.
    • Electrical protection: double insulation.
    • Including thermal protection with automatic return.
    • Cast in self-extinguishing polymer
    • Ambient temperature: (-20 ° C – 75 ° C).
    • Inlet / outlet clamps: 0.5-2.5 mm2.
    • Mechanical dimensions (mm): L = 73 x H = 36 x W = 49
    • Installed on the tray at the pole’s base (M8 screw)