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Energy Saving Controller for lighting and air conditioning

Model: EN-AM-2020

The Israeli climate requires the installation of air conditioners in every office and classroom, in addition to the lighting system. Air conditioners and lighting are the main energy consumers in all offices, educational institutions, and classrooms. Inefficient use of air conditioners and lighting results in unnecessary energy consumption and energy waste causing excess greenhouse gases emission.

Calculated usage is an integral part of an energy efficient process. Using air conditioners and lighting only when needed may help reducing energy waste.

Efficient use of the air conditioner and lighting systems is possible through an integrated control unit with a presence detector, which allows the detection of a “no presence” situation, shutting off the lighting and the air conditioner, after a period of time defined by the facility owner.

Installing this control system will enable the lighting and air conditioner to be turned on only when necessary and will result in an efficient energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Note: This system is designed to control a VRF air conditioner using dry touch or to control a standard air conditioner using an EN-AMAC series operating and protection unit.

System performance:

  • Programed Controller with dedicated software.
  • Command input from US + PIR presence detectors.
  • Phase input from lighting switch to turn lighting on and off manually.
  • Dry contacts outlet (replacing contact, closed / open) to switch off the VRF air conditioner.
  • SELV voltage outlet for shutting off a standard air conditioner using an operating unit and EN-AMAC series protection.
  • Relay output for switching the lighting fixtures on and off up to 1000 watts.
  • Including current limiter when the lighting is switched on.
  • Controller bypass switch used to turn on the lighting and air conditioner.
  • 5KA lightning shield.
  • Working voltage 230VAC 50Hz.
  • Ambient temperature – (-15 ° C) – (+ 45 ° C).
  • The system allows to connect up to 10 motion detectors per control system in order to increase the coverage area.

Device operation:

  • To turn the lighting on, shift the lighting switch to the “ON” position.
  • To turn the air conditioner on, press the EN-AMAC series operating unit’s start/stop button.
  • If lack of motion is detected for 15 consecutive minutes (or otherwise configured), the air conditioner and lighting will stop automatically.
  • You may stop the lighting operation manually by shifting the lighting switch to the off position.
  • You may stop the air conditioner manually by pressing the start/stop button.


  • The control system is installed in a box made of self-extinguishing thermoplastic material in accordance with the Israeli standard’s requirements.
  • Anti-vandal resistance, e.g. polycarbonate.
  • The controller complies with the Israeli Standard 60669-2.1 requirements

Presence detectors:

  • Integrated operational technologies –

Ultra-Sony (US) + Passive Infrared (PIR).

  • Dedicated touch for the control system indication.
  • Working voltage 230VAC 50Hz.
  • Ambient temperature – 0-45 ° C.
  • Cover area up to 60 square meters.
  • 360degrees coverage angle.
  • Suitable for installation on a ceiling in a dedicated box or recessed installation in a ceiling socket with a dedicated box.
  • The detector complies with the Israeli Standard 60669-2.1 requirements