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LED lighting ignition current limiter

Model: EN-ICL-R

.This unit enables proper and reliable operation of electrical equipment which includes input capacitors

With a particularly high capacitive value, such as electronic chokes for discharge lamps and drivers for LED lighting with or without DALI communication, etc.

Each driver/electronic choke is fitted with a capacitor which causes a high initial charging current when connected to the mains (Inrush current). The starting current is extremely high, about 100 amps per light fixture and for a time of about 200 microseconds. This high starting current is caused by a lack of synchronization between the time the load is connected to the mains and the mains’ sine wave zero point.

The ignition current typical to electronic operating equipment causes reliability faults in the electrical circuit, such as: incorrect safety disconnection, difficulty in operating the UPS / generator, etc. To avoid these problems, we are forced to connect a reduced amount of fixtures in a given circuit taking into account the ignition current’s intensity and not necessarily the nominal safety current, thus we are forced to install a larger amount of safeties. Installing an initial current limiter will limit the current to about 12 amps, thus enabling the installation of a larger amount of fixtures according to the safeties given current.

Technical data

  • Voltage: 230V 50Hz.
  • load: C°2KW@40,C ° 1.3KW@75
  • Ignition current limitation: 12A.
  • Ignition time limit: LT<300ms.
  • Response speed: RT< 100ms.
  • Ambient temperature:) C°75+)÷ (C°20-).
  • Includes thermal protection with automatic return.
  • Self-extinguishing thermoplastic box.
  • Inlet / outlet clamps: 0.5-6 mm2.

Installation – On LED lighting circuits with DALI communication connected to the grid, to a generator or a UPS.