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DALI Individual Metering Switch


The MES controller is designed to monitor and transmit telemetry from HID Street Light fixture based on magnetic ballast and PF capacitor, 70W-1,000W or LED luminaires.

It is communicating using ENELTEC’s proprietary commands over standard DALI protocol.

The switching process is synchronized with the line voltage.

The load switching (ON/OFF) is done at zero current.

The MES controller is designed for installation as additional device in the base of the pole between the mains line and the luminaire.

The MES unit is designed to be controlled by remote control system using DALI communication according to DALI standard IEC62386.


  • Thermoplastic box UL-94 V2.
  • Potting with resin UL-94 V2.
  • Operating temperature (-30°C) – (+60°C).
  • Bi-color LED Red/Green for indications.
  • Input voltage 190V–260V 50/60Hz. (480VAC optional)
  • Switching current 14A max.
  • Load type HID/LED 70-1,000W.
  • Electrical Isolation: class 2.
  • Auxiliary output control 230VAC 2mA (optional).

DALI control:

The device controlled by DALI communication and indicates all the requested telemetric data, alarms and protections.

Telemetric data:

Input voltage, Current, Power, Power factor, Lamp working hours, Accumulative KWH.


Over voltage, over current, Short circuit, over temperature, Faulty lamp, Faulty capacitor, Faulty ballast, Line frequency error.


Over voltage shutdown, Under voltage shutdown, Over current shutdown, Short circuit shutdown, Line frequency error shutdown, Over temperature shutdown.