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DALI Repeater


The DALI Repeater device is designed to amplifies the DALI signal and to allow to extend the DALI line length from 300 meters to 600 meters.

The device provides electrical isolation between the input and output circuits.

Both input and output are protected against accidental connection of mains or out of spec DALI power supply to the DALI lines.


The repeater designed to be installed in the base of the lighting pole or in the electrical connection cabinet.

The device requires additional separate DALI power supply on the DALI output line, the input is reliant on the DALI master power supply.

A maximum of 64 DALI units can be connected in the DALI lines (before and after the Repeater).

Because of the signal delay it is not possible to connect DALI Repeaters in series.

The length of the wires connected to the DALI output must not exceed 300 meters (for cable cross of 1.5 mm2) or the drop in voltage must not exceed 2V.


Since the repeater acts as a buffer between the master side and the following slave devices, the repeater reflects a loss of the master power supply forward to the slaves on the output side. This is done by sending a predetermined level broadcast DALI command.

It is possible to configure the broadcast level from 0-100%.


  • Thermoplastic box UL-94 V2.
  • Potting with resin UL-94 V2.
  • Operating temperature (-20°C) – (+60°C).
  • Block terminals for wiring connections.